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Chopta Camps

Chopta – Behold the amazing beauty of nature!!
Situated amidst the wilderness, where around 45 different species of trees rule the forests, The Chopta camp is a place where you will understand and feel the grandeur of Mother Nature. The presence of 60 kilometre wide Gangotri Greater Himalaya in the north creates a mesmerising atmosphere and shows you the real beauty of earth. Not only that, the chirping of around 551 species of birds will act as a wakeup call for you every morning. This is where you will get to experience the melody of tranquillity. What can be better than this right?

The Chopta Camp:
Winter is ideal to visit the camp. Every year it there’s snow fall that creates a layer of 1 to 3 feet snow above the ground and gives it a feel as if the earth is sleeping beneath a cover of white snow. Here at the morning the morning are so pleasant that it will instantly energies and refresh you and the glorious and colourful evenings will take you to a different realm of tranquillity and peace. Altogether it will be an unforgettable experience.

Services and Facilities: The people at the camp understand how important it is that you feel comfortable and get what you need.

We Provide:
12×12 Swissdeluxe tents, which is weather proof to keep you warm and cosy, attached bath with 24/7 running water, solar powered light and comfortable clean and tidy beds.

The chefs at the camp are well trained and cook delicious meals keeping in mind the importance of hygiene and nutrition.
As for passing the time at the camp one can play badminton, volleyball, cricket, football and even golf or else can take a short walk and explore the surroundings.
We also serve the traditional cuisine of Uttarakhand, Himalayas as well.
We will also guide and educate you about Uttarakhand Himalaya, which acts as an added bonus.

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